A brief resumé

I have been writing expert witness reports since 1997 when I received my Doctorate in Psychology from London University.  I have provided assessments of adults with learning difficulties and mental health problems, and adolescents and young people, for a variety of purposes including family, criminal, and immigration proceedings.

My main areas of competence are children and families, people with learning disabilities, developmental disabilities (special educational needs), restorative approaches (mediation) and bereavement.   I also have additional expertise in sexuality and personal development in adults with learning disabilities and sexual offending.

As a consulting psychologist I led the a joint Project for Croydon Social Services and Surrey NHS Trust to establish a sexuality and personal development team for adults with learning disabilities.  I was a participant in the Home Office advisory seminars on sexual offending and capacity to consent chaired by Lord Woolf.

During 1998-2001 I was a senior research fellow in the Department of Psychiatry of Disability, at St. George’s Hospital Medical School, where I participated in the analysis of forensic psychiatric studies, and the relationship between intellectual impairment and offending behaviour.

In 2002 I founded Inaura school, working to reduce the exclusion of children with special or additional educational needs.  Inaura School is a charity and a registered independent school for which I am the Headteacher.  All our students have complex needs. We work closely with social services and families.

In the last five years I have been unable to find time for much expert witness work in addition to establishing and running the school, and setting up a second fund-raising charity.  However, I am now returning to the field as my responsibilities for the school are reduced.

To support the maintenance of high standards I am participating in the Cardiff University Expert Witness Certificate programme (the only University accredited expert witness qualification offered in the UK) which I expect to complete in September 2017.

Other relevant training in the last four years includes Child protection, Safer Recruitment, Channel and Prevent. I hold a current enhanced DBS certificate.

Publications include ‘Managed Moves – A complete guide to managed moves as an alternative to permanent exclusion’ (Gulbenkian Foundation, 2008), ‘Preventing Exclusion’ (Heinemann, 1999), and a number of peer-reviewed journal articles.

Adam Abdelnoor

Resume date: August 2017